RentTrack has two different programs listed below with fees based on the type of program your account is currently under with your property management company.

1.  You pay your rent online through RentTrack:

RentTrack Payment Processing Fees

If your landlord has asked you to pay rent online through RentTrack, you do not pay a subscription fee to use the service. Instead, you may pay a small processing fee when you process a rent payment through RentTrack - this fee depends on your property management company.

Your processing fee will be charged at the same time when your rent payment is  being processed. When walking through the payment wizard online the system will let you know what the fees are before ever submitting a payment. You will also see your processing fee on your payment receipt via email.

If you don't pay online, you don't pay any processing fees.

2.  You pay a monthly subscription on RentTrack for reporting:

RentTrack Subscription Fees
We charge your subscription fee on the day you enroll by clicking on "start reporting." Your card will be automatically drafted on the same date you started your subscription each month. You can cancel at anytime for any reason however you will not be able to change the subscription date.

You will be able to see all the charges from your dashboard by going to the top right and clicking on your name > subscriptions > history will be located on the right hand side of your browser.

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