The price that you'll pay to use RentTrack depends on whether you use RentTrack to make your rent payment. 

If you pay your landlord outside of RentTrack, you'll be signing up for a subscription to build credit. Read below where it says, "RentTrack Subscription Fees." If you pay your landlord through RentTrack, skip below to where it says "RentTrack Payment Processing Fees."

RentTrack Subscription Fees

We charge your subscription fee on the day you enroll and each month you stay subscribed on the same day.  You can cancel at anytime for any reason.

You will be able to see all the charges from your account dashboard. 

RentTrack Payment Processing Fees

If your landlord has asked you to pay rent online through RentTrack, you will not pay a subscription fee to use the service. Instead, you may pay a small processing fee when you send a payment through RentTrack - this fee depends on your property manager. 

Your processing fee will be charged at the same time when your rent payment is processed. If you don't pay online one month, you won't pay anything.

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