When you sign up for RentTrack, you'll go through a series of steps. To make your signup process easier, here's what you'll need to know before getting started:

Rental Information
We need to know what property you are renting. This includes the rental address, a unit number if applicable, and the city, state, and zip code.

Landlord Information
 We need to verify your landlord to make sure that your payment is going to the right person at the right place. We don't contact them, unless absolutely necessary, and they don't need to sign up in order to make your payment. 

The information you'll need here is:

  • Landlord name (or company name)
  • Who the check is payable to
  • The mailing address for your payment

Identity Verification
To verify your identity we will need a copy of your driver license, or a government issued ID that includes your address (temporary ID's can also be accepted, but any form of identification you submit cannot be accepted if it is expired). Passports are not accepted. You'll also be asked a series of identity verification questions provided by a credit bureau. This is so that we can report the payments so you can build credit history. 

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