We're just as bummed as you are that we couldn't verify the details of your rent payment. We work hard to make RentTrack accessible to everyone, as we firmly believe that rent reporting is an incredible benefit to every renter. We know you're working hard to build and protect your credit, and we're thankful you came to RentTrack.

Unfortunately, we have little control over the approval process.

We use third party sources to complete the verification process in order to validate the provided information. Due to fraud prevention and compliance requirements, we are prohibited from releasing specific details regarding the verification process.

When we put information on an individual's credit report, it must be absolutely accurate. To make sure our information is accurate we have to adhere to very strict verification standards. These standards are provided to us by the credit bureaus, and as a requirement of our licensing and certifications.

If we can't connect all the dots, we cannot accept or report rent payments on your behalf. There's no way for us to change the outcome, as all their decisions are final.

We know this is frustrating, but right now we cannot try to re-verify your account, and we cannot accept additional documentation to try and remedy the denial. You'll have to keep making your payments as you always have.

But, not all hope is lost. We want you to know that our team is working really hard to provide a way for you to report your rent payments for the last 24 months. So, while you might not be able to use RentTrack right now, you'll have a way to get that credit you deserve soon.

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