We are so excited that you’ve chosen RentTrack to help build your credit.

Right now, starting on the day you sign up, we report each rental payment that you make though our platform to the credit bureaus to begin building your credit score. Every month, another successful payment means another chance to build more credit. 

But what if you need to build credit history in less time? Shouldn’t you be able to report all the payments you’ve already made during the past 12 to 24 months? 

Great news! We are diligently working to roll out an option in early 2019 that will allow us to report your previous rental payments to the three major credit bureaus. 

As an added bonus, this change means that you can also sign up just for rent reporting. Although RentTrack will always be able to deliver your rent check to your landlord, the report-only option will make it possible for us to share your rent payment track record with credit bureaus even if you choose not to make your rent payments through RentTrack every month. 

Let’s get you the credit you deserve! To receive a notification when this option is available, check out the link below!

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