The checks that you send from RentTrack will be post-dated to your selected delivery date. This means they will have your delivery date printed in the date field on the check, which indicates that it should not be cashed until that date.

It is always possible that your check may arrive slightly before the date your rent is due. If this happens, the date on your check should let your landlord know that they should wait to cash it until that day. However, if they do attempt to cash it early, most banks will still honor it. 

Before you read on, please know that these steps only apply if you signed up for RentTrack without your landlord and you have sent a check from your own bank account. If your landlord or property manager is signed up with us, or if you paid with credit card or another method, please contact our support team and we can help you sort out any payment issues you may be having. 

If you do not have the full amount of your rent in your bank account available when your landlord attempts to cash the check, it will be rejected by the bank. This usually comes with additional bank fees for both you and your landlord. 

If your bank charges you a fee for insufficient funds on your check, RentTrack will not pay the fee. When you send a check from your bank account through RentTrack, you accept responsibility for paying the full amount, the same as if you had written the check with a pen using your own checkbook. 

So, if you are concerned that your account may not have enough funds to cover your rent when your landlord receives the check, simply contact them and let them know that they should wait to cash it until the due date. 

The checks that you send through RentTrack do not have tracking information available.

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