When you send a payment from your bank account, RentTrack prints the check with the same information on it that a check from your physical checkbook would have on it. 

However, RentTrack can't tell which check number you're at in your checkbook based on this connection. Luckily, we don't need to.

Your check number is meant to represent the sequential order of each check you write. This is especially helpful when writing checks from a physical checkbook, since recording the check number, payee, and amount helps you keep track of payments made by check in your register. 

When you send a check through RentTrack, the check number will not be in sequential order with the rest of the checks in your checkbook. However, this should not cause any problems. Check numbers are sequential simply to help you keep track of the checks you've written.

The first check you send from RentTrack will begin with a unique number assigned to your account that ends with 001. 

The one time your check number may be important to know is if you need to issue a stop payment order on a check. You can always find the check number of a check that was sent or is on the way in your RentTrack dashboard. 

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