You can use RentTrack to send a rent check to your landlord from your own account, and the money will stay in your bank account until your landlord receives the check and deposits it. 

During the sign-up process, you tell us what day of the month your rent is due, and we calculate when it needs to be printed and put in the mail. Typically, this happens about five business days (or seven days including the weekend) before your rent is due. 

It's possible that the check can arrive in the mail earlier than the date your rent is actually due. We include a note with your check letting your landlord know that they should wait to cash it until the date that is printed on your check - the day rent is due. 

Although we can't prevent landlords from cashing the check early, you can always contact your landlord and tell them to wait to cash it until the day rent is officially due. This is especially important if you are not sure you will have the full amount of your rent available in your bank account until then - your check could be returned, causing bank fees for you and/or your landlord, so it's important to communicate with them in advance. 

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