There are a variety of reasons why a check may be placed on a hold for 1-5 business days (or an extended hold - up to 5 business days) with your bank. These can include large deposit amounts, identity verification reasons, or new accounts. If the account holder has a history of overdrawn accounts, or any previous issues with checks that have been deposited, this will cause most checks to have a hold placed on them so the bank can ensure the funds clear (that is, that they are successfully moved from the check writer's account) before they are made available in the deposit account. This protects the account holder just as much as it protects the bank. Certain banks may release the hold at the account holder's request, but the account holder is ultimately responsible if the check is returned for any reason. If the first check you sent using RentTrack was put on hold before being successfully deposited, future checks should then be deposited as normal. Please contact your bank for specific questions about their policies regarding holds.

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