RentTrack lets you pay your landlord online, so that you can skip writing a check, buying a money order, sending it in the mail, or dropping it off. 

After being invited to pay rent online, you should receive an email message with a link to sign up and specific information about how RentTrack works where you live.

The fee varies at each community, but the link in the email you received has information about how much it costs where you live - it may even be free.

When you're ready to sign up, you'll start by creating an account with your email and password. You'll use this to log back next time you come back. To set up your rent payment, you'll tell us the address where you live, and we'll match it up with your existing contract so you can see how much your rent is and when it's due.

To pay your rent, you'll choose your payment method and select the day you want to be charged on. The money will be delivered to your property manager the following business day. You can find more information about making your payment here

Typically, the best option is to use your bank account to send a payment via ACH - this option will usually have the lowest fee, and may even be free where you live. At some properties, you can pay with a credit or debit card as well. Credit cards typically carry a higher processing cost, which will be calculated as a percentage of your rent payment.

When you make your rent payment online, you also have the option to report it to all three credit bureaus.  Any payments made through this service can be reported to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion on your behalf as a positive rental tradeline with no added debt to your credit history. 

There is no monthly fee to use RentTrack, or to report a payment so it builds your credit - we only charge you when you make a payment through our service. You can also change how you pay from your account dashboard.

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