1. Login to RentTrack using your email and password.
  2. Click on the blue 'Schedule my payment' button:

3. To make your recurring payment, select "Recurring" by click the bubble. Then click "Continue".

4. Use the bubbles to select the payment type you'd like to use. The fee associated with checking accounts and cards depends on your account type. Then click "Continue" you enter or select the banking info you'd like to use.

5. Type in the maximum amount you'll allow RentTrack to pay. then click "Next". If your balance is ever over this amount, we WILL NOT make a payment. Instead, we will email you the balance is above your maximum amount and cancel the recurring payment.

6. If you want to pay today, select today's date. If you'd like to schedule to make a 1 time payment in the future, select the date you want to pay on. Once you've selected the day you'd like, click "OK".

7. Review your variable recurring payment. If everything is correct select the "Make payment" button. Your payment is set up and you'll be brought to your Dashboard.

8. Here is what your payment should look like on your account now. If you need to change anything, you can clock on "change" or the "Edit scheduled payment" button. Great job!

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