As a property manager, you can now schedule recurring or one-time rent payments from your dashboard.

✱ If you schedule recurring payments for your residents, you are responsible for making sure those recurring payments are cancelled when the resident moves out.

NOTE - If an email is listed, the resident will receive payment receipts. If there is no email, you need to click on the edit pen and add an email. If the resident does not have an email, please use this naming convention Do not just use first and last name as that email is more than likely used in RentTrack already.


  1. Click on RESIDENTS tab
  2. Click on the drop-down for FILTER BY → choose resident, street, or unit. Type in the information in the search box. Click on the magnifying glass.
  3. Click on the dollar sign in green for the resident you want to set up a payment for.

4. Choose what kind of payment you would like to schedule → one-time or recurring

5. If you choose recurring, you will be asked to enter the following:

• amount (this is a fixed amount every month and does not change based on the resident's rent or balance)

• payment type

• payment information

• date for recurring

• recurring to end after a specific month OR until YOU manually cancel it from your dashboard

PLEASE NOTE - If a payment that you scheduled has come back returned for any reason, YOU are responsible for setting back up their recurring payments per the resident's request or letting the resident know beforehand that if a payment ever comes back returned, all future recurring payments are cancelled.


7. Review the information you have entered.

8. You must click the box that says "I have authorization from the resident on file to make this recurring charge and the resident agrees to the RentTrack Terms of Service" before you can click on SCHEDULE. RentTrack recommends that you have a signed and dated recurring form on file before you click this box.


10. Once the payment has been scheduled, you will see that the payment was successful. Click CLOSE.

You can see that the user now has a payment scheduled. You are able to EDIT recurring payments that YOU schedule.

From EDIT, you can edit the amount, change the payment source, change the recurring date, change the end date, or cancel the recurring payments.

If the resident already has a recurring payment scheduled, you can still click on the green dollar sign and take an immediate one-time payment. This is useful if the resident owes an outstanding balance but you want to keep the recurring payment as is.

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