RentTrack now offers immediate and scheduled synchronization with your accounting system.

Accounting System Sync!

For integrated clients, we have revamped our entire accounting system synchronization. We now allow you to click one button to initiate the synchronization, then review any errors later.

This is helpful if you have just added a new tenant and want them to be invited, or if you just posted rent and want all balances to update immediately. Simply go to Accounting -> Import and click "Sync Now":

For File Integrated clients
Simply go to Accounting -> Import -> Choose File and click "Run":

You'll receive an email when the import is complete, as well as a summary of records that were updated or erred. To see the errors, "Review" the import by clicking on the blue eye icon next to the import on that page, and filter by error status:

For API Integrated clients, you can also set up a daily schedule for synchronizations. If you always update your accounting records at the same time each day, then schedule a sync to immediately follow your update.

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