For new applicants, or people paying security deposits, RentTrack might not have the resident in our application yet. In this case, you have two options:

  1. You can attempt to perform an accounting import (Accounting→Import→Next) or for file based integrated clients send an updated rent roll to
  2. If these residents are future residents not in your accounting system. You will not be able to look up a LeaseID to apply to the check. For this, we recommend you scan these residents in a separate batch. The money will be sent for deposit, but the payments will appear in RentTrack without an associated applicant/resident. You will have to enter them into your accounting system manually.

Do not mix checks with lease IDs and without lease IDs in the same batch. If you do, the batch total in RentTrack, and the batch that we push to your accounting system, will not match the batch amount deposited at the bank. Please separate these until further notice.

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