85% of Background checks will be completed instantaneously. However 15% of the time, when a National Criminal or Eviction Record is found a screening specialist will perform a 'Two Identifier' confirmation. This is best practice and involves using personal identifiers (such as name, DOB, address, SSN) to verify a National Record. In addition, National Criminal Records will also be verified at the county level.
In these cases, you can still 'View Report' to see all non-pending parts of a report -

In addition, the screening specialist will also provide the most up to date information in the 'Pending Notes' section of the Investigation.

A few other important notes:

  • The average Turn Around Time (TAT) for county searches is 24-72 hours
  • Many counties have a public access terminal to access necessary records and will have quick TAT
  • Some counties limit information available in public access terminals (e.g. Virginia – redacting DOB on records) and require requesting a full document
  • Some counties do not have publicly available information and are clerk assisted (which do not give us an ETA)
  • If the Scorecard says pending it is likely that one of the parameters, such as income to rent was not calculated because no rent amount was entered by the tenant.
  • If the wrong personal identification information has been entered (e.g. SSN is entered wrong, or their legal name has not been entered correctly) a specialist will reach out to get the correct information.
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