In the event you get a "HIT", then based on the additional information you have in the report you decide if want to investigate further or not offer a lease.

To investigate further, most Property Managers either verify themselves (if their county/state have public records available) or request a detailed search at the State or County level which has a fee. If you request a search at the county level, RentTrack will physically have someone go to the court house and pull the detailed court records.

Most Property Managers do not do these searches by default because they can be cost prohibitive and only perform them in the event they plan to offer a lease if the crime is minimal.

RentTrack CANNOT provide legal guidance, but can provide you with standard best practice. So, if you discuss with the applicant that they have court records (which they may be unaware of) then it could be something as basic as a parking ticket (you can see drivers lic match) or something more significant. Since this applicant said they have not been convicted of a crime it is worth the conversation.

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