In order to refund payments, you must have that permission enabled.  If you don't see a refund button, please reach out to your manager or corporate office to discuss adding that permission for you.

If you need to refund an application fee payment, you can do so from the terminal tab on your dashboard.  

  1.  Log into your RentTrack account
  2. Click on the Terminal tab
  3. Search by the transaction ID or the applicants name from the dropdown

Under the Action column you will see Refund if the fee can be refunded today.  If the payment cannot be refunded today, a date will appear when that fee can be refunded. On that day, you will need to click the refund button.  

    4.  Click on Refund
    5.  Confirm that Yes, you do want to refund

***If the payment is still processing, it can be cancelled by clicking on cancel.  This will void/cancel the payment.

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