There are a few ways a resident can join RentTrack:

  • Residents will get an invitation if they have an email in your accounting system integrated to RentTrack.
  • Resident's can sign up via your online payment portal by themselves.
  • You can invite residents directly from RentTrack.

In the case where they search for your rental and RentTrack was unable to automatically approve them, you will need to approve them when they sign up.

This is for two reasons:

  1. Since we can report their payments to credit bureaus, we need the landlord to verify the accuracy of the address, rental amount, and expected term of payments.
  2. So we can calculate sufficient and on-time payments. If the resident does not pay enough or on time, we can alert you immediately.

When a resident signs up, you'll receive a notification that a resident is pending approval.

Log in to RentTrack, click on the "pending your review"  link in your Incomplete Tasks. Click on the 'Approve' check mark next to the resident.

Review the property information and make sure the correct address and unit are specified. The resident email, name and phone are auto-filled. If a matching resident is found and it is the same person, click the box to merge and approve. If not, click "synchronize with accounting system" to run an import to approve them or click "approve the resident manually." Then click "continue."

If you clicked synchronize you will see this screen and an import will begin.

If you clicked approve manually, you will see this:

Fill in the rent amount, lease start and end date, and click "approve resident."

Your resident will receive an email and can now set up their first payment.

Notes For integrated clients only:

If you want to add a balance to display to the resident or if they can only pay a full balance, you can find the recently approved resident and click 'edit' to add a balance.

If you have manually approved a resident, the Resident ID used in the accounting software needs to be added so RentTrack can map residents to their correct ledgers in the accounting software. Find the recently approved resident and click 'edit' to add their resident ID (note you can search our FAQs using your accounting system name to find the resident ID).

If the resident ID is already in RentTrack, you will see a message with the name of the other user it is assigned to. This often happens if a roommate or significant other joins RentTrack instead of the person in your accounting system.

If this is the same user, then click on Yes to merge the lease details from your accounting system to the resident you are approving. If it is not the same user, then please contact to resolve the issue. 

If you are unable to approve a resident because a property or unit is missing, please contact

You can delete pending or invited residents who no longer reside at your property by clicking the red "x" next to their name.

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