RentTrack integrates with Promas's Rental Property Management Software.  The RentTrack Team will import your rent roll into RentTrack when you email to us. See below for directions on exporting a rent roll from Promas.

To take advantage of this integration, make sure you have the latest version of the Promas installation.

Exporting from Promas

  1. Choose File->Export Utility
  2. Select "RentTrack Billing Information" for Export Type
  3. Optionally, you can Restrict to whatever group/category that will match with the merchant deposit account you have set up in RentTrack.
  4. Click "Compile"
  5. You will get a dialog box telling you the file is saved to C:\Users\[computer name]\Documents\Promas\Rental\Export\renttrack.csv. Click OK, the file location window will open, make note of the location or move the file to a location you can easily find.
  6. For importing, please email and attach your rent roll.

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