The AMSI Integration allows RentTrack to import residents and lease information for a given property. Any payments made through RentTrack are automatically posted back to AMSI.

Work with your onboarding manager to enable the AMSI integration for your properties. Once enabled, RentTrack can do the initial import to set up the residents and leases.

Lease IDs
If you add tenants to RentTrack manually, or approve tenants who are pending, you will need to specify their lease ID ("ResiID"). In AMSI, this can be found by pulling a Rent Roll report. The lease ID can be found in the "ID" column. Do not provide the entire Property-Building-Unit-ResiID identifier. Please only provide the last part, the AMSI "ResiID".

RentTrack will post payments real-time to AMSI. These payments will be grouped by the batch deposit that will be posted to your bank. Payments will post throughout the day - you do not need close the batches, RentTrack will close batches on the day the transactions are posted.

You will not need to treat payments posted from RentTrack any differently than other payments. However, If you want to view RentTrack payments by deposit:

  1. From eSite Go to Ledger > Cash Batches
  2. Filter by selecting Show Batches choose 'created by' in the dropdown and type in 'RentTrack'.
  3. Any batches with a check mark in the Approve column are still open batches.
  4. You can display or view the payment details on each batch.

When batches are deposited into your account, RentTrack sends out 'Batch Deposit Reports' by RentTrack batch ID to verify the bank deposits reconcile with the posted batches. When you receive the Batch Deposit Report from RentTrack you can verify the totals against the eSite External Deposits report.

Reports—Accounting Reports—External Deposits

The External Deposits Report lists deposits collected within the current month and prints based on the RentTrack batch ID instead of the internal batch ID. It is used is used to verify that all transactions posted and cleared by RentTrack Payments were received in eSite and assigned an external batch number.

RentTrack handles reversals in two ways and will either create a 'Negative Payment' or a 'Return' depending upon the payment type and return reason.
For payments made by credit card that are reversed, RentTrack will create a negative payment and code it as a CHARGE BACK.
For payments made by ACH:

  • If the payment was refunded or voided, RentTrack will create a negative payment on the ledger and the reason for the reversal will be refunded or voided.
  • If the payment was returned due to one of the NACHA reason codes (R01 - R99), RentTrack will create a Return on the ledger and provide the reason NSF.
  • Any payments returned or reversed prior to being deposited will be reversed in the batch the original payment was posted in.
  • Any payments returned after being deposited will be in a separate batch deposit showing a negative amount.

If you have any questions about the integration, please contact

Blocking Payments

In order to disable residents from paying online, navigate to the resident Lease Info and check the Block Payment Access option.

If a payment is ALREADY processing for a resident you want to disable, contract RentTrack help (chat, email, phone) to void/cancel the payment on the same day. Payments can only be voided/canceled the same day they are made.

Note: Once you disable a resident, you can ensure RentTrack syncs in the information immediately by following How do I sync RentTrack with my accounting system.

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