The Yardi Integration allows RentTrack to import residents and lease information for a given property. Any payments made through RentTrack are automatically posted back to Yardi. Any returns received will also be posted to Yardi. However returns are posted the next day after the return because we notify you of returns immediately and then post to Yardi the following day. Balances are synced at least daily in the early morning by summing all open charges.

Work with your onboarding manager to enable the Yardi integration for your properties. Once enabled, RentTrack can do the initial import to set up the residents and leases.

Posting a Batch
To review and post a batch:

  1. Go to Interfaces -> Edit Detail Batch-Receivable
  2. Filter by Open Batches and Search
  3. Review each batch posted by RentTrack, fill in the deposit date if necessary, and Post.

Note: The Property or System Post month will determine the post month for the transaction.
Note: The payment will be auto-allocated to the charges based on the rules you have set up in Yardi.

When batches are deposited into your account, RentTrack sends out 'Batch Deposit Reports' by RentTrack batch ID to verify the bank deposits reconcile with the posted batches. When you receive the Batch Deposit Report from RentTrack you can verify the totals against the Yardi unposted batches.

Adding or Approving a Resident
In the event you need to add or approve a resident, you will need to enter their Yardi Resident ID. This is typically a "t-code" if the resident is the head of household, and can be found in the Resident ID field:

For roommates, you will need to go to the head of household resident responsible for the roommate, then select Data->Roommates and find the "r-code" for that roommate:

RentTrack needs a unique resident ID for each person, so please do not use the head of household t-code for a roommate.

Do Not Accept Payment
To block someone from paying online:

  1. Go to the resident in Yardi.
  2. Set Payment Method to "Do Not Accept" or "Cash Equiv."

Prospects vs. Residents
When you add a tenant to RentTrack, you must use the Yardi t-code if a primary resident, or r-code if the tenant is a roommate.

RentTrack cannot post receipts against a Yardi Prospect (p-code) because prospects cannot have charges. When you add a charge to a prospect (application fee, security deposit, rent, etc.), it will automatically become a resident, and be assigned a t-code or r-code. Please create the charge for the prospect first, and enter the t-code or r-code in RentTrack when adding or approving a tenant.

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