1. Under the Residents tab, type in the resident's name and click on the blue search icon button.

 2. You can update any lease information for a tenant's account by clicking on the blue "edit pen" button next to the resident's name.  You can update the rent amount, balance, end lease date and 'Save Changes' to immediately reflect on their account.

If you need to end a contract click on the gray 'End Lease' button on the bottom right corner. This will finish their contract on RentTrack and they will no longer be able to pay online or for a specific unit. Once you have ended their lease you will not be able to reopen it on your dashboard. 

If you don't want to end their lease you can also opt to "Block" the resident from making payments. To do so, click on the green button that says, "Allowed" and it will change it immediately to "Blocked." Then click "save changes." You can update this at anytime.

Ending Lease:

When ending a lease for a resident you will receive the message below. When this window pops up it allows you as the property manager to enter any uncollected balances for the specific tenant. This amount will negatively impact the resident's credit if they are opted into rent reporting but if they are not opted in it will not effect them in any way. Before entering the amount owed please ensure their contract is truly void or finished as you cannot undo this step. 

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