You can view all of your payments online in your Dashboard and narrow your search by filtering by Status, Property, Tenant, Amount, or Deposit Date. If you want to download all of your payments/deposits, navigate to the 'Accounting' tab > Export.

  1. ´╗┐Select 'Standard Export' or your accounting system (Promas, Boston Post) from the Type drop down menu and choose the radio button 'Deposits' or 'Payments'. If you want download by deposit date leave radio button on Deposits.
  2. Check 'Separate By Batch Deposits' if you want to receive each deposit in separate file within a zip file. Checking 'Include Transactions from All Groups' will include transactions from all of your deposit accounts.
  3. Choose the date range to view payments
  4. Press Download Report.

When you open your report in excel, just choose filter in the menu bar and on the Status column you can filter by 'Complete', 'Returns', or 'Refunds'

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