´╗┐RentTrack can export a payment report in a format that Yardi Genesis and Yardi Genesis V2 can import. Follow the steps below to update your accounting software with any rent payments made by tenants using RentTrack.

  1. Click on 'Accounting Tab'.
  2. Choose 'Export'.
  3. Select 'Type' of accounting software used, either Yardi Genesis (CSV) or Yardi Genesis V2 (CSV)
  1. Enter the Deposit Date range (which can be one day or a range of days).
  2. Press 'Download Report', and save the file to your Genesis Yardi_Library folder.
  3. Import into Yardi Genesis or Yardi Genesis V2. Go to Receivable > Payment Processing > Import Tenant Payments. This will give you a message showing the number of payments posted. This will also create a receipt batch posted to the current operating month

Once payments are posted, then you close the receipt batch by going to Receivable > Receipt > Batch Receipt.

You will be prompted to select the most recent file you imported. You can optionally add a note, the click 'Post'.

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