Login to RentTrack using your email and password.

Click on the 'Pay Rent' button:

  1. Check the 'Rent Amount', is this the amount you want to pay? If so, leave it as it is, if not delete that 'Rent Amount' and type in what you would like to pay.

Review the 'Total to Pay':

To schedule a recurring payment, choose the date you want the payment to run every month by clicking on the calendar. Then click the box that says "Charge this payment on the __ of every month." "End recurring payment manually" means you will cancel the recurring payment when you move out. "End after a specific month" means you schedule the month you wan the payment to end.

If your property manager requires you to pay your full balance every month, you may still be able to schedule a recurring payment for a variable amount.  You will have to set a maximum amount that you can be charged each month. If your balance is more than the maximum amount you have set, your recurring payment will be cancelled and you will be sent an email alerting you that you no longer have a payment scheduled.

Click Next on the bottom of the page:

This will bring you to your 'Payment Source' setup:

Please take note of the fees, which vary depending on your property manager.

Add the 'Account Nickname' this is for your use to distinguish between payment sources if you have more than one. For example, if you are using a checking account nickname your account Checking. If you choose to pay with a card use the nickname Visa, Capital One, Master Card ... etc.

Fill in the rest of the information. Then click 'Next'

This will bring you to 'Review and Pay'. This is the time when you should review your payment and make sure the 'Total' is correct. Click 'Make Payment' then you will review one more time.

Your dashboard will show your scheduled payment amount and date.

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