Did you assign a check to the wrong tenant? Please see the following to reassociate the scanned check to the correct tenant.

  1. Login to RentTrack -  https://my.renttrack.com/

2. Click the 'Accounting' tab:

3. Find the 'Batch' with the tenant associated to the wrong check:

4. Click on 'Show Payments' this will open the details of the 'Batch' so you can find the tenant that needs to be corrected. Find the "Incorrect Tenant"

5. Once the "Incorrect Tenant" is found, click on the "Red Figure" with the "X" on the far right:

6. The following window will pop up, click "Dissociate Check":

7. This will open that check so it can be associated to the correct tenant. Now go back to the same "Batch" click on the "Blue Figure" with the "+" on the far right.

8. The following will pop up, now associate this check to the correct tenant. You can do this by either searching by name, email, or unit. You must click the "Magnifying Glass" on the right to find the tenant.

9. Click "Associate" and you are done.

Depending on your accounting system you may need to manually adjust both tenants ledgers. This depends on when the information was exported from RentTrack and imported into your accounting system.

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