If your accounting software is integrated with RentTrack, to add a new resident, make sure you have the resident "Moved In" on your accounting software.

Login to RentTrack

Click --> "ACCOUNTING" Tab

Click --> "IMPORT" Button

Click --> "Sync Now"

This will now pull in all of the new data you have added to your accounting system.

If you update your system via CSV file please do the following:

  • Login to RentTrack
  • Click --> "ACCOUNTING" Tab 
  • Click --> "IMPORT" Button
  • Click --> "Choose File" (The file should be the most recent information exported from your accounting software)
  • Click --> "Run"

Please note this will not be an instant update it may take RentTrack a few minutes to upload all of the new data.

If your property does not have accounting software that is integrated with RentTrack, to add a new tenant, make sure you have already set up the corresponding property, then go to the "RESIDENTS" tab and click on the "ADD RESIDENT" button

Fill out the following fields

  1. Name - first and last name of resident
  2. Property - select the property and unit # for that resident
  3. Phone (optional) - displayed in your dashboard for reference
  4. Email - IMPORTANT- this is what the resident uses to login to their account
  5. Amount - the monthly expected rental amount
  6. Due Date - this will default to 1st of the month
  7. Start on Date - Fill out the next date you expect to receive payment (usually the 1st of the next month). 
  8. End - The end date of the lease or 'End Lease When Canceled' for month to month leases.

Then click "Invite Resident". An email will be sent to your resident with a link to sign up. You may also want to contact your resident directly to make sure they open the email. 

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