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RentTrack's log-in page for your residents can be embedded in websites using a standard HTML iframe. The page was designed with a transparent background so it can take on the color of its host website. The best iframe settings will depend on what you are looking for and how your page is setup. In short there isnʼt a magical cut and paste code snippet that would work in all situations.

You will receive your specific link from your account manager that can be pasted into in the 'src' attribute in the below iframe code. This code should be inserted where you want to iframe to display. If you use it as is, it will not display the page.

<iframe src="https://my.renttrack.com/YOURSPECIFICLINK" width="100%" height="100%" style="border: none;"/>

src Attribute

Replace this with the link your RentTrack account manager provides you. It will be in the form of https://my.renttrack.com/YOURSPECIFICLINK

width Attribute

Depending on your page layout, use “760px” as in the example above, or “100%”.

height Attribute

Depending on your page layout, use “100%” or a fixed value of your choosing such as “1000px”.

style Attribute

The example code above is set to remove the border that some browsers put around an iframe by default.

Note: You must only include the above link in a secure page (https) on your site. DO NOT include it in an http-only page. We conduct regular audits of referrers.

If you do not have secure pages, we recommend using the version of the iframe that does not have a username and password field:

<iframe src="https://my.renttrack.com/management/1/holding?nologin=true" width="100%" height="100%" style="border: none;"/>

Or, direct linking to the properties or holding on our site using your management number:

RentTrack offers a variety of buttons for Payments and Reporting. Please right click and choose "save image as" for the image below that best fits your website look and feel.

RentTrack Payments

RentTrack Reporting

Additionally, the following images are optimized for retina displays. You'll need to embed these and set the width and height to 50% the actual size of the image for retina display. 

Optionally, you can use the images as-is if you require a larger button. 

RentTrack Payments

RentTrack Reporting

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