You can disable a tenant's ability to pay for a particular lease from within your dashboard. Click on the "tenant" tab and search for the tenant's name. Click on the blue edit button located to the far right of the name. At the bottom is the heading "Online Payments for This Lease" and the label "Payments are":

If you set it to "allowed," tenants will be able to pay for that lease.

If you set it to Blocked, tenants will not be able to pay for the lease.

If your accounting system is integrated with RentTrack, we will also honor those settings. However, the RentTrack setting will override the accounting system.  For a tenant to make a payment, both RentTrack and the accounting system must be set to Allowed.

Note: Accounting system synchronizations happen every few hours. If you must make sure that a tenant cannot pay, please set to Blocked in RentTrack immediately.  

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