If you need to perform a month end close close out and do not want any payments posted or batches opened in your accounting system during that period, RentTrack can disable posting to your accounting system.

  1. Sign into RentTrack and navigate to the Accounting Tab > Scheduling

Based on your end of month calendar, add each date you want payment posting disabled. You can choose as many consecutive days as you want.

If ´╗┐you would like RentTrack to store the payments we would have posted, and send them to you on the next non-blackout day, click "Enable store and forward." (Otherwise, you will have to enter payments for this day manually).

In the example below, payments will not post for 2/28/2018. "Enable store and forward" is checked, so all payments for these days will post on March 1st.

Note that if you have enabled batch auto-close, the auto-close will not be performed until the evening of the next non-blackout day. This is to enable us to potentially fix any failed posts before the batches are closed.

To remove a blackout day, simply click on the "trash can" icon next to the date.

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