RentTrack will create a lockbox file for each batch deposit into your bank account. RentTrack will send you a Batch Deposit Report (see below) with the lockbox file attached to that email. If you have more than one batch deposit, then there will be a separate file for each deposit compressed into a single ZIP file. Just save the file from the Batch Deposit Report to your computer to import into Buildium.

Alternatively, you can export a payment report in a format that Buildium can import. Just follow the steps in our How do I download a payments report FAQ and choose Deposits and Buildium as your accounting system.

Import into Buildium

  • In Buildium, navigate to Settings -> Import Data
  • Click Upload data file and choose Payments (lockbox). You will see a pop-up. 
  • Click the Upload button. You may need to install or enable Flash. 
  • Once uploaded, click Save at the top of the pop-up. 
  • Buildium will validate the data. Once validated, you will see a "valid" status with a count of records.  Click the (view) link to download a PDF of the payments to review them before you import. Note that once you click "Import data", there is no way to remove the payments, so please be sure to double check the PDF. 
  • Click on the "Import data" button.
  • Once imported, the payments will appear as received on each resident's ledger. 
  • RentTrack will enter the transaction ID into the Check Number, and the batch ID into the Memo field:

  • To recognize the deposit, head to Accounting -> Banking and record a bank deposit against the appropriate bank account.
  • Select all payments in the batch file you just imported so that the batch total matches the deposit amount in your bank.  You can use the memo field to find payments that are in the same batch:
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