RentTrack will create a lockbox file for each batch deposit into your bank account. RentTrack will send you a Batch Deposit Report (see below) with the lockbox file attached to that email. If you have more than one batch deposit, then there will be a separate file for each deposit. Save the file:

Right click the batch report file in your email (this is called a zip file ending in .zip) and save that file to a folder on your computer. We recommend creating a new folder called RentTrack that you always save the batch reports too. After you save the file, then go to the folder where saved the file, right click and choose extract all. Extract all the files in the zip folder to the same location. 

Import into Promas

  • In Promas, Choose "AR->Batch Tenant Receipts"
  • Click on "Load Payments from Lockbox File"
  • Find the file you saved from RentTrack and click "Open."
  • Process all payments, then Post the batch*. 

After posting the payments they need to be put on a deposit slip. Go into the GL > Deposit Receipts function and you will see the payments waiting to be put on a deposit slip. Post the deposit slip.
*After the import file is loaded, the posting date for all imported receipts can be set to the Posting Date field on the screen by clicking the Update All Dates button.

If you receive this error, you need to save the individual files from the zip file, and import those files only. You will get this error if you try to import the unopened zip file:

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