RentTrack will create a lockbox file for each batch deposit into your bank account. RentTrack will send you a Batch Deposit Report (see below) with the lockbox file attached to that email. If you have more than one batch deposit, then there will be a separate file for each deposit. Just save the file from the Batch Deposit Report to your computer to import into Boston Post.

Alternatively, you can export a payment report in a format that Boston Post can import. Just follow the steps in our "How do I view or download a payments report?" FAQ and choose Deposits and Boston Post as your type.

Importing Payments into MRI Bostonpost

To import payments into MRI Bostonpost:

  1. From your Batch Deposit Report email, you will have a ZIP (.zip) file that you can save to a location on your computer.
  2. Once you save that file, go to the zip file and right click it and choose 'extract it' and choose a destination on your computer so that each of your batch deposit files are extracted for import. There will be one lockbox batch file for each property for each day of payments.
  3. Go to  → Payments (Tab) → Tasks → Start New Payment Batch from File

4. Choose Import Type = "Standard Lockbox", and Find File: Locate the batch you want to import.  The screen will pre-fill with the information from the file:

5. Click "Next"

6. You should see the check sum total for the batch :

7. Click "Next"

8. Payments will auto-allocate.  If you need to manually allocate the payments, click "Allocate Pmt" and adjust any amounts.

9. Click "Next" through the next few screens, then say "Yes" to process payments. You should see a "Passed" status for the payment batch.  

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