RentTrack posts payments in real-time throughout the day.  Every payment is grouped by the batch that is sent to your bank for deposit. Each batch total will be a deposit item at your bank. All payments made before 7:55pm Eastern each business day will be included in the closed batches sent for deposit at your bank.

Posting a Batch

Once RentTrack closes a batch, you will be able to post it. Typically, a property manager will wait until they see the deposit matching the batch appear at their bank. At that point, you can post the batch by following these steps:

  1. Go to Accounting -> Receivables -> Transactions
  2. Go to Create Deposit Batch
  3. Wait for the existing batches to load, then select the batch you want to post.
  4. Go back to the top and select the Bank Account and confirm the date and amount. 
  5. Click Create Deposit Batch at the bottom of the page:
  6. Confirm the deposit.

Note: If you have closed a batch and need to add or modify payments on that batch please refer to this Resman articleHow can I add payments to a batch.

Entering Reversals

If you see a return in your RentTrack Daily Batch Deposits email, you'll have to reverse that payment in ResMan. What Reason you use to reverse a payment will depend on when it was returned.

To enter a reversal that happened after the initial batch was deposited (leave the initial deposit amount intact):

  1. Find the payment on a tenant's ledger.
  2. Click Reverse
  3. Choose "Non-Sufficient Funds" for ACH or "Credit Card Recapture" for a Credit Card reversal. 
  4. Click OK

To enter a reversal that occurred before the batch was deposited (remove from initial deposit amount):

  1. Find the payment on a tenant's ledger.
  2. Click Reverse
  3. Choose "Other"
  4. Click OK

Note: ResMan will soon give us the ability to push returns into their API, which will eliminate this manual step.

Screening in Resman

  1. On the Applicant page you can click 'Screen Applicants' to submit an applicant(s) for screening
  2. You'll then select your screening company, the report you want to submit, and who you want to screen. 
  3. You'll then fill out any missing information needed to submit for screening (it pre-populates with fields already previously entered in ResMan. You can add additional people to screen here, too. Once you ‘Submit’, you will need to enter your Screening Username and password (login required, but you can save the credentials within ResMan for quick report access in the future)*  

Note: If you need to update your screening username and/or password and it was previously saved. Go to the top right of the screen, you will see your name (next to the log out button). Click your name. When you are in the new screen scroll to the bottom and locate the stored Passwords" section. If there is anything there you will want to click it and then choose delete. Then scroll to the bottom and save it.
Try the screening again using the same credentials. It should prompt you for your credentials

Accept Online Payments

If you need to accept an application fee, security deposit, rent payment from a previous resident you can easily send them a direct link from the Resident Page. Under the Accounting Section > Actions > Accept Online Payment.
Then choose what type of payment your application/resident will make and send the link.

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