The MRI Integration allows RentTrack to import residents and lease information for a given property. Any payments made through RentTrack are automatically posted back to MRI.Your MRI user will need to have enough privileges to see batches posted through the API. Work with your MRI account manager to enable the API license and privileges.

RentTrack will post payments real-time to MRI. These payments will be grouped by the batch deposit that will be posted to your bank. Payments will post throughout the day - please do not close the batches on the day the transactions are posted. Also do NOT update a batch opened by RentTrack nor add payments to that batch.

At the end of the business day, RentTrack will automatically close the batch in MRI.
Once the batch posts to your bank, RentTrack will send you a Batch Deposit Report to verify the payments and deposit amount.

Applying Payments

If you have configured Auto Apply Rules in MRI, the payments on the batch will automatically apply to charges when the batch is auto closed.
If not, you can Auto-Apply pre-payments once the batches are closed by going to Monthly Processing->Auto Apply Processing:

For more information on how to Auto-Apply Credits, please see your MRI help documentation.

Returns and Refunds

RentTrack will post reversals automatically, and each reversal will be a separate debit from the bank. Note: This is a RentTrack setting, your specific property may not have enabled this feature.

Canceled/Voided Payments

If you receive a notice that a payment was canceled, that payment will need to be manually voided in MRI.

Security Deposits

If you have enabled security deposit payments, RentTrack will post those payments to the security deposit ledger within MRI and behave the same as rent payments in terms of posting in real-time and auto closing batches.

Future Residents
RentTrack will sync with all current residents and future residents who have signed leases where the resident has not moved in yet. RentTrack does not include prospects or applicants unless they sign up directly or through the Prospect Connect Portal.

Blocking Online Payments

You can disable residents from paying online at your discretion by updating The Block ePayment Lease field. Doing so will block all electronic payments, which include direct debits from bank accounts and credit card payments in the Resident Portal, at the lease level. To do this, go to:

  1. Residential Management > Residents > select a Resident
  2. Enter search criteria to find the resident and click the last name of the resident.
  3. Go to the lease information field Block e-Payment and check it.
  4. If you want this to immediately show up in RentTrack, log into RentTrack, go to the Accounting tab and press Sync Now. Otherwise RentTrack will update on the next scheduled sync with MRI.

If you have any questions about the integration, please contact

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