RentTrack posts payments in real-time throughout the day. Every payment is grouped by the batch that is sent to your bank for deposit. Each batch total will be a deposit item at your bank. All payments made before 7:45pm Eastern each business day will be included in the closed batches sent for deposit at your bank.

Viewing Transactions

For each transaction, we will post our Transaction ID in the "Document Number" field, and our Batch ID in the "Description" (see below). This will help you find the payment in RentTrack if necessary.


All this information is also available on your Bank Deposit Details report, and we will group payments by bank deposit: 

Returned or Canceled Payments

You will have to manually reverse any returned payments. You will also have to manually reverse any cancelled payments, because RentTrack posts in real time to RealPage.

Blocking Payments

RentTrack will honor any of the "Do not accept payments" flag found under the "Special/collection status" tab for a resident.  When this is checked, we will not allow residents to make online payments.

Note that we will not see this update until the next time we pull the report. Since it is generated daily, this could take more than is acceptable in case legal action is being taken against the tenant. In this scenario, we recommend you log into RentTrack, edit the tenant, and block payments there. See:  

Generating the Latest Data for RentTrack

There is a "Generate Now" button in any of the weekday groups that you can click to create new files for RentTrack.  This will ensure we get the latest information.  
Note that you can click this anytime if you make changes to leases / properties. RentTrack will always pull the latest report, and imports are scheduled everyday. Find the correct property by clicking on the drop down box at the top of the page. Once you find your property and click on it, then click on the SDE tab like in the screenshot. You then click Convergent Billing and then generate - per screenshot. Wait for the report to complete - hit "Refresh" in RealPage until you no longer see "in process" as the status.  You will have to repeat this if you also have Occupant Demographics. 

Then, go into RentTrack, click on the Accounting → Import Tab, and click "Sync". 

Of Note

  • RealPage will batch all payments in a given day into a single batch in their system.  Therefore, we do not recommend posting Application Fees and Security Deposits to the property unless all are processed against the same MID/DepostAccount, or your RealPage batch will no longer match the RentTrack Batch or your bank deposit totals.  Likewise, if you use "blackout dates", you will not be able to "store and forward" those payments since any forwarded payments will get batched incorrectly with the day they are posted. Payments are posted into RealPage at the date RealPage is set to. If the date has not been advanced in RealPage, the payments will post to the incorrect date. This is where you would use the blackout dates in RentTrack. 
  • Payments that fail to post will be emailed to RentTrack customer support. We will attempt to fix the mapping to the accounting system and repost.
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