Both users and agents can log into the system.  Agents can do everything users can do (assuming permissions are configured the same between them of course).

There are really only 2 differences between agents and users:

Agents show up in the new Pick Your Agent feature. This allows you to maintain a separate list of agents (users applicants can choose as their showing agent) and use regular users for back office users who shouldn't be shown in that list.
Agents can be setup that do not need to log in.  This is useful if you want the agent to receive notifications about the application that was assigned to them but don't want them to have login access.

If you want to enable the agent selection tool (if you are using the new application form) open the form preset for the property in question, go to the agents tab and check to box to enable the agent selection tool. It will then prompt the applicant to pick their agent which will assign the application to that agent. When an agent is assigned to an application, all notifications will be redirected to that agent. Also, you can check a box in the agents permissions (assuming they can login) to make it so they can only see applications assigned to them.

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