It is important to Resolve the items listed in the "Action Required" section, as this information is reported to the credit bureaus if the resident is reporting rent.

For property managers who have integrated RentTrack with their accounting system, residents will only show up as "late" in this section if they are reporting rent to any bureau. Therefore, it is crucial to resolve any late notice that appears here.

If you receive a late payment alert in the "Action Required" section of your payments dashboard, click on the "Resolve" link next to the late payment and do one of the following:

  • Send an email reminder through the system. The tenant will receive an email with a link to log in and pay online.
  • Mark the tenant as having paid by another means outside of RentTrack. Be sure to include the actual amount paid for reporting purposes, as well as the month the payment was for and the date you received the payment.
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