The Virtual Terminal allows you to collect payments in the office while logged into the RentTrack property management dashboard. 


  • The feature must be enabled by your account manager. 
  • All deposit accounts you use for different types of payments have a corresponding merchant account set up with one of our processors.

Collecting a Rent Payment
Rent payments are associated with a lease, so you'll want to collect these payments against an existing resident in the RentTrack system. Payments can be made for any resident contract status except Pending and Deleted. These payments will help your residents build credit history.

  1. Go to the "Residents" tab.
  2. Click on the "$" icon next to the resident you would like to collect a rent payment for.
  3. Choose a payment type and review any fees with the resident.
  4. Enter the payment information.
  5. Click "Review Payment"
  6. Review all the information with the resident. 
  7. Click "Make Payment"

The payment will appear in your dashboard. The resident will receive an email receipt for the payment. 

Collecting a Non-Rent Payment
For non-rent payments, payers do not have to be members of RentTrack and you can deposit these payments to any account you have set up with RentTrack. 

  1. Go to the "Terminal" tab.
  2. Click the "Collect Payment" button.
  3. Choose a deposit account.
  4. Choose a payment type and review any fees with the resident.
  5. Enter the payment information. 
  6. Enter a memo for the payment for later reference.
  7. Enter an email where the receipt will be sent for this payment. This is required to be the payer's email. 
  8. Click "Review Payment"
  9. Review all the information with the payer. 
  10. Click "Make Payment"

The payment and its status will now be listed in the Terminal tab.

Payments are batched and deposited by bank account. A listing of the payments will appear on your Batch Deposit Report email the next morning.

Posting Payments
Rent payments will be automatically posted to integrated accounting systems. Non-rent payments are not posted automatically, and will need to be manually entered. 

Note: If you are using an integrated leasing flow with your accounting system and RentTrack, and are posting security deposits and/or application fees automatically to your accounting system, you will want to create separate merchant accounts and RentTrack deposit account entries (like "Non-posting Application Fee") in order to accept these types of payments through the virtual terminal.

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