Learn the basics of RentTrack so you can get the most out of building credit history by paying rent online.

Paying Rent Online

First, let's talk about paying your rent since that's mainly what you're here for, right?

  • Payment Methods: RentTrack supports a variety of payment options - e-Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, and paper check. The payment options available to you will depend on what your property manager has decided to accept. When you set up your first payment, we'll let you know the available options.
  • Fees: RentTrack also charges a technology fee for each payment. These fees will also vary by property manager and by payment type, and will be clearly displayed as you set up each payment.
  • Cut-off Time: In order to get the payments to your property manager by the next business day, we need to stop accepting payment orders at 4:45PM Pacific/7:45PM Eastern Time. Please keep this in mind to avoid any late fees.
  • Balances: Some property managers have integrated with RentTrack, and your current balance will display in RentTrack. Please double check these balances with any invoices or understanding you have before completing your payment.

Mobile Payments

If you browse to our site using a mobile phone, you'll see our mobile-optimized website. You'll have the same payment options there, and we'll also display any fees associated with your payment.

Helpful Links

You'll find a bunch of help on this site (help.renttrack.com). Here are a few articles related to payments:

  • How do I make a payment?
  • How do I make a recurring payment?
  • When can I make a payment?

Building Credit History

Payments are only half of the story. Rent is one of your largest expenses - make sure you get credit for it!

  1. Once you set up your first payment, click on the "Build Credit History" tab.
  2. Verify your identity. This helps us find you at the bureaus to make sure your payments end up on your report.
  3. Select the bureaus you want to report to. By default, TransUnion and Equifax are "on" once you verify your identity. You'll need to "opt in" to Experian if you want your rent payments reported there too. You'll see this option once you verify your identity, or you can click on "Manage Bureau Reporting" next to your lease to adjust these settings.

Helpful Links

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  • Understanding your Credit Score

Help and Inspiration

If you get stuck, you can always search here at help.renttrack.com.

You can also look for the blue speech bubble mark at the bottom right hand side of your screen once you're logged in.

Head over to our blog to read how rent reporting, on average, can have a positive impact on people's credit scores.

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