RentTrack is happy to now offer a service for residents that does not require any prior approval from your landlord.  

You can get started at and we'll mail the check to your landlord or property manager for you. Please note that at this time the mailing address for your landlord or manager must be a physical address as we cannot mail checks to PO Boxes.

The fee for this service is either $6.95 when you pay with a bank account, 2.95% for a Credit Card transaction, or 2.75% for a Debit Card transaction. There is no monthly fee, we only charge you when you make a payment through our service.

We withdraw the funds 8 business days before you want the check to arrive. This allows us enough time to process your payment, create your check, and for the USPS to deliver it. 

We suggest you also allow 2 business days for our team to verify your payment details and for the credit bureaus to validate your identity so we can report your payments. 

Any payments made through this mailing service will be reported to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion on your behalf as a positive rental tradeline with no added debt to your credit history. 

Payments made prior to joining RentTrack cannot currently be verified, so you'll start building credit with your first RentTrack payment.  

In previous studies, scores increased an average of 29 points in the first 2 months alone. You can take a look at this study here: RentTrack Reviews the Positive Impact of Rent Reporting on Credit Scores.

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