NOTE: Does your landlord use RentTrack to collect rent online? If you were invited to sign up by your landlord or property management company, click here. The following information only applies to anyone who wants to sign up for RentTrack on their own.

RentTrack lets you pay any landlord without their involvement or approval.

You sign up, tell us how much your rent is and when it's due, and we'll mail the check to your landlord or property manager for you. Every time we make your rent payment, we report that to all three credit bureaus.  

The check we send is similar to any other check you'd write from your personal checkbook. It has your name, account number and routing number on it. When your landlord receives your check in the mail, they can deposit it and your rent payment will be deducted from your bank account. We then report the payment to all three credit bureaus.

The fee for this service is $6.95 each time you send a check. There is no monthly fee- we only charge you when you make a payment through our service. You can also change how you pay from your account dashboard.

Any payments made through this mailing service will be reported to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion on your behalf as a positive rental tradeline with no added debt to your credit history. 

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