Right now, you might pay your rent using another online platform, or you give your landlord a money order or check directly.

To report your rent payments using RentTrack, we require you to pay rent through our online platform. When you set up a payment by connecting to your bank account, we print a check with your name, account number and routing number on it for the amount of your rent, then mail it to arrive on or before the day your rent is due. This is why we require a physical address to send the check to.

Why? This is how we are able to verify that you have paid your rent, and then report your rent to the credit bureaus, without involving your landlord. When you pay through our platform, you're showing us that your rent payment was submitted and delivered each month - so we don't have to reach out to your landlord to confirm that you paid each month. All they have to do is cash the check when it arrives.

At this time, we can't deposit the funds into their bank account for you unless they have already signed up with us to collect rent online. If they're interested in receiving direct deposits, please have them go to https://www.renttrack.com/collect-rent-online/ to get in touch with us.

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