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I think I might be a victim of Identity Theft - What should I do?

RentTrack's Credit Protection Alerts can tip you off to potential fraud in your name. Here's how to respond.

Staying aware of the latest changes to your credit reports via instant alerts can help you spot trouble so you can take action fast. 

RentTrack's Credit Protection service notifies you when new information is added to your credit report by a variety of sources so that you can watch out for unfamiliar information that may be inaccurate, or even a sign of fraud. 

Identity theft occurs when your personal information, such as your name, birthdate, an online bank account password, social security number, or address falls into the wrong hands. This information may be used to open up new credit card accounts or apply for loans in your name, or in very extreme cases, access funds from your online accounts.

RentTrack's Credit Protection can help you spot fraudulent activity or an attempt to steal your identity. Click here to read more about what each alert means so you can understand what might be going on. 

If you discover that fraud has indeed occurred, don't worry - you have plenty of options!

First things first, make sure and take these seven steps to prevent further damage and begin reversing the effects of the fraud. 

Be sure to act fast - the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA) limits your liability to as low as $50 if you report unauthorized transactions within 60 days to financial institutions, beginning on the date of the first statements that contain the transactions. The clock is ticking though; your $50 liability lasts for only two days and goes up to as much as $500 within that 60-day period