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Knowledge Base

  1. Application and Background Questions 

    1. Why does the background check still say pending?
    2. What if an applicant paid in the office and a payment is not needed?
    3. How do I merge two applications?
    4. How do I void an Application Fee Payment?
    5. How do I refund an Application Fee Payment?
  2. Check Scanning 

    1. What if the residents or LeaseIDs are not in RentTrack yet?
    2. How can I update the number of checks and deposit total once a batch is opened?
    3. What does it mean when my scanned dollar amount does not match my control amount? Or when my check amounts don't seem to scan right away?
    4. What if my scanned batch is off my control amount by a few dollars?
    5. What do we do if a batch or item is rejected?
  3. Payments 

    1. How do I make a recurring payment?
    2. How do I make a payment?
  4. Property Managers 

    1. How do I approve a tenant so they can pay rent?
    2. How do I add or invite a tenant?
    3. What happens if my tenant's e-check bounces or their credit card is denied during the automatic payment. How do we as RentTrack handle that to accommodate the landlord?
    4. How do I delete a pending tenant?
    5. How long does it take for payments to be deposited into my account?
  5. Renters 

    1. Getting Started
    2. Why do I have to verify my identity?
    3. When can I make a payment?
    4. How do I know my rent payment was made?
    5. How do I set up an e-Check (ACH) payment?
  6. Reporting Rent and Building Credit History 

    1. Will my rent payments affect my credit score?
    2. Why has my credit score not changed since I have reported rent?
    3. Can I submit my own rental payment information?
    4. Can I report my previous rent payments?
    5. Will my rent show up on my credit report?
  7. All articles 

    1. Will my rent payments affect my credit score?
    2. Why does the background check still say pending?
    3. Why Did My E-Check Payment Get Returned/Reversed?
    4. Why Did My Credit Card Error?
    5. 1099K Information
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