The price that you'll pay to use RentTrack depends on whether you use RentTrack to make your rent payment. 

If you pay your landlord outside of RentTrack, you'll be signing up for a subscription to build credit. If you pay your landlord through RentTrack, skip below to where it says "RentTrack Payment Processing Fees."

RentTrack Subscription Fees

There is a monthly subscription fee that you can find on the email invite that was sent to you. You can also cancel at anytime. Your subscription is charged with the card on file each month on the day you started your subscription.

Keep in mind, building credit is all about demonstrating a history of responsibility. So it's ideal to stay subscribed with RentTrack for the duration of your lease, so you can get the maximum credit benefit with all three credit bureaus. This is a small price to pay to help build your financial future!  

RentTrack Payment Processing Fees

If your landlord has asked you to pay your rent online through RentTrack, you will not pay a subscription fee to use the service. Instead, you may pay a small processing fee on each payment sent through RentTrack - this fee depends on your property manager. 

You will see the exact fee (if there is one) before you send your first payment. You can ask your property manager what the cost is for you, or just tell us where you live and the RentTrack team would be happy to look it up for you.

You can choose whether or not you'd like your online payments through RentTrack to be reported to the credit bureaus. If you would like to build credit, this is included with the processing fees for no extra charge. If you choose not to build credit, the price stays the same.

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