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Is RentTrack secure?

We take security seriously. RentTrack is a recognized data furnisher to the credit bureaus, and we meet or exceed relevant standards for securing your personal information.

Here are some of our security practices:

PCI Compliant

In order to process credit cards, we must be PCI Compliant. We work with an independent security assessor to conduct audits of our processes and systems to uphold the highest PCI standards. These standards not only protect credit card data but all of our data in general.

Identity Verification

We are subject to KYC (“Know Your Customer”) and AML (“Anti-Money Laundering”) regulations. This means we verify the identity of all parties involved in a transaction.

Secure Practices

We use state-of-the-art cryptographic algorithms during data transmission (HTTPS with RSA 2048 bit key) and in our databases (AES 256 encryption). We do not store sensitive credit card or bank account numbers on our servers.

Regular Scanning and Testing

We use the best tools available for SSL Certificates and regular security scanning. We conduct regular internal and external scanning using industry-recognized tools.

Penetration Testing

We hire a 3rd party to regularly try to break into our servers. That's right - they look for any vulnerabilities in both our servers and processes to help us keep things buttoned up.

Third-party Agent

We are a registered Third Party Agent with major credit card brands. We are authorized to conduct transactions on behalf of other parties.