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What should I do if the information in my Credit Protection Alert is wrong?

Here's what to do if you spot an error on your credit report with RentTrack's Credit Protection alerts.

If you get an alert with information on it that you believe is incorrect, that indicates that inaccurate data may have been reported about you to credit bureaus. If this happens, you're not out of luck - under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have a right to have inaccurately reported information removed from your credit report. 

According to the Federal Trade Commission, approximately one in four people identify potential errors on their credit reports that might be affecting their credit scores. Monitoring your credit makes it easier to spot such problems, pinpoint whether or not the mistakes are actually reporting issues, and resolve them.

This inaccurate information could have been provided to the credit bureaus by any financial institution or lender. In the alert that you receive from RentTrack, you will find information on the institution that reported the information. When you click on the alert, you'll find an address and phone number for the source.

To dispute inaccurate information, you'll need to contact the source directly. RentTrack cannot dispute the information for you - Credit Protection simply shows you when new information has been added to your report so that you can take action.

The FTC offers more information on how to dispute inaccurate information on your credit report here